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Best 5 Powerful Dedicated Sever Hosting 2019

Web Hosting is the first thing you need to purchase when your thinking to build a new website, Your website speed matters in term SEO, So it is essential to choose the great hosting which will help to get better page speed.

Best 5 Powerful Dedicated Sever Hosting 2019

Hosting services are available in the wild range of pricing and also provided by the lots of companies, So it is difficult to choose from them.
In this article, We will going to tell you about the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2019.
Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

Which Dedicated Server Hosting Providers is best?

There is no specific answer to that question, Differnt web designers have the different list of requirement, Frist of all you should shortlist the hosting provider which fulfill your requirement and best for you according to your needs.
To help you to choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers, We are providing the complete list of Top dedicated server provider in 2019.
Before starting this article, it is important to know What is a dedicated server, why you choose this apart from the different types of web hosting.

What is Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is the type of server (Web Hosting) which is dedicated to a person or any organization, In the shared hosting, you share one server with the multiple users.
In dedicated server hosting your the only user of the particular server, You have to root access of the server, the organization and individual have the full control over the server.
Lots of hosting provider also give you an option to configure your dedicated server according to your need, here you can choose RAM or bandwidth and storage type according to your requirements.
The dedicated server is the most powerful hosting among all the types of hosting.
A dedicated server gives you the benefits of high performance, stability and many more. Because of these core features, dedicated servers are quite expensive.
Mainly the dedicated servers are used by the websites which have millions of visitors every day. In terms of security dedicated servers are more secure than other kinds of web hosting, because of its high prize dedicated server providers are deploying various software and program with will help to be protected from the hackers, scammers, warms, and crashes.
Dedicated servers are not for the small websites, because of high performance and high cost, it doesn’t make sense to host a site with low traffic on the dedicated servers.
Dedicated servers are made for the websites which have traffic in millions Dedicated servers are available in two types semi-managed and managed.
In the managed dedicated server you get everything managed by the hosting or service provider. Here you get all the software and scripts preinstalled on the server. You don’t need to do anything.
But in the semi-managed dedicated server, You get half thing managed and need to install lots of software and scrips as yourself, that’s why semi-managed servers are quite chipper then managed servers.
If you are the pro-personal, then you can buy a semi-managed dedicated server. But if your the be beginner then you should go for managed dedicated server, There is no performance difference between semi-managed dedicated server and managed a dedicated server.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are quite expensive but provide you with lots of benefits
· Dedicated servers give better speed to your website, Because the resources of the servers are not shared, Your the only owner of the server.
· Those servers provide you to custom configuration option. You can configure your dedicated server according to your needs
· It is able to handle the traffic in millions. It is on the configuration of the server
· Every dedicated server have its unique IP, In the shared hosting you share the IP, Suppose another site on the same server is publishing the spam or adult content, then your ranking is also pushed down by the google. Dedicated server has the unique ip address, So if you host your website on the dedicated server, you dont need to worry about this.
· Because of the high price of the dedicated servers, Server provider also provides the lots advance security option. Thats why they are more secure than traditional web hosting.
· Because of the high price of the dedicated servers, Server provider also provides the lots advance security option. Thats why they are more secure than traditional web hosting.
The disadvantage of using a dedicated server is its cost, and it the cost of a dedicated server increases in the, not decrease because the current world is the world of internet, Nowadays every business owner even small business owners in the towns what to make a website for their business.
They want to promote their business digitally, Because of the increasing demands of the site the rates of web hosting increases including dedicated servers.
Now after getting the complete information about the dedicated server, Now you can easily choose a better-dedicated server according to your need, To help you in selecting the best-dedicated server to provide, We are offering the complete list of Top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2019

Top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2019

#01 Bluehost

Bluehost is famous for its speed and stability. As the dedicated server owner, you get the direct support form the specialized team. All the Bluehost servers are a build by the engines using the latest technology.
Lots of dedicated hosting provider takes a week to configure a server for your according to your needs, The specialized team of Bluehost config your server according to your need in just 24 to 72 hours, It uses open source like OpenStack, Gives you the flexibility to upgrade performance at any time.
All the driver in the Bluehost dedicated server are compactly mirrored, and Bluehost also ensure that your data is well protected, You will not get these features in lots of in lots of dedicated servers, One of the most important things about the Bluehost dedicated server its speed, Bluehost uses RAID level 1 support on his high storage dedicated servers.
Bluehost also provides you a free upgrade, All the plans of dedicated servers have the option to get the enhanced cPanel-based interface, Which gives you easy to use interface to websites, domains, emails, resources, and more from for one location.
Bluehost also provides multi-server management. That means if you want to add any of the hosting plans like shared hosting or even another dedicated server in your existing account you can do this.
Why choose Bluehost?
· Bluehost is the recommended web hosting for WordPress by WordPress.
· It provides you 24/7 support
· Bluehost dedicated servers are affordable starts form 79.99$
· All the specialized server plans include free SSL
· If you are not satisfied with his server, they also provide you 30 days money back guaranty.
· They also offer a free upgrade with their standard plan.
· The dedicated servers of Bluehost use advanced technology which gives you better speed and security.

#02 Hostgator

Hostgator is the leading web hosting provider across the globe. It is famous for its low-cost packages. They provide affordable web hosting. HostGator providing a powerful dedicated server with Windows and Linux operating system.
Dedicated servers of Hostgator offer your maximum installation, customization option. You have the root access to your server. You can buy Hostgator dedicated server in two different locations USA and India, But the price of India server is quite high. They have four different plan Basic, Standard, Elite, & Pro you can buy according to your needs.
All the plans come with free website migration, that means if your website is hosted on another server they will compactly transfer your site form that server to Hostgator server for free.

Hostgator dedicated server runs on CentOS operating systems include cPanel and WHM. They use the latest WHM control panel which comes with multilanguage support. They use DDoS protection to protect your server safe from a variety of hacking attacks, and The servers are completely secure.
In the Hostgator dedicated server, you get two free IP. Hostgator is the leading web hosting provider they have millions of clients, Dont forgets trust is the most important factors. Lots of people trust Hostgator.
Why choose Hostgator?
· Hostgator offers dedicated server on two different locations, USA and India, you can choose according to your needs.
· Dedicated servers form Hostgator built for high-intensity workloads, and it offers you the control to the very last detail.
· Hostgator uses DDoS protection to protect your server safe from a variety of hacking attacks.
· They use high-quality storage (HDD in RAID 1) to host your website.
· Trust is the important factor, Hostgator is the leading web hosting provider, So you dont have the problem with that.

#03 Dreamhost

Dreamhost is famous for its cutting edge and user-friendly technology. They offer ultimate server configuration and controls.
Dream host dedicated servers are big enough to handle any need of a website, Dreamhost offers 12 cores of the processor with its dedicated server, You have full freedom to configure your server, you can choose from different size of RAM, different types of storage. Here you also an option of SSD storage which helps your website to get better speed.
They also offer free SSL certificates beyond one year. As you know here you get SSD storage option, But if you choose the HDD then they user high-quality HDD with RAID
Dreamhost dedicated servers come with unlimited bandwidth and a maximum of 64 GB of RAM. They also offer 24/7 server monitoring and customer support. If you face any problem in using Dreamhost dedicated server, There team support will solve it.
Dreamhost is hight rated web hosting company according to the, Now you can understand the reputation of Dreamhost in the market. The Dreamhost control panel is specially designed for dedicated server customer to give the best possible power and control. You can adjust the control panel according to your needs.
Why choose Dreamhost?
· Dreamhost offers the 100% uptime guaranty. That means your website is live 365 days in the year, there is no downtime.
· They also provide 24/7 technical support and server moderation. If you face any problem in using Dreamhost dedicated hosting, then there support teak will solve your problem.
· They offer the dedicated server in both the operating systems Linux and windows you can choose according to your needs.
· Dreamhost also offers SSD storage option, If you cant by SSD storage then they host your website of the high-quality RAID storage 1.
· The dedicated server of the Dreamhost are secure. They use DDoS protection on his servers.

#04 InMotion Hosting

Inmotion is of the best hosting provider in the worlds. They offer a wild range of hosting services. Inmotion is famous for affordable hosting plans with world class quality. The dedicated servers of Inmotion hosting are quite accessible.
There starting plan start at 105$, Even Inmotion offers you to configure your server your self, you have the complete freedom to choose the configuration according to your needs. You select the location of the data center, RAM, Storage type, processer, and backup hard drive. With Inmotion, you can configure your server according to your needs and uses, Inmotion doesn’t force you to buy for the plans.

There single and double processer plans come with the free SSD, which gives you better scalability, flexibility, and reliability.
Inmotion has state of the art data center, One in the Washington DC and other in Los Angels, All there fulled managed dedicated serves comes with the LAMP stack. Inmotion also offers free server management like os, cpanel, security, and updates. To protect your Inmotion dedicated server, Inmotion use Corero based Multi-Layer Defense technology.
One of the most important things is their servers have low server pings world wild because of there fastest data centers.
Why choose Inmotion dedicated servers?
· They offer almost 15 IP address with there dedicated servers for free.
· They provide the fastest dedicated server, Inmotion have Low server pings worldwide.
· You have the option to choose to from the six different processers; You can select the processor according to your need, even they offer to configure your server according to your need.
· Security is the most important things, Inmotion use Corero based Multi-Layer Defense technology.
· Trust is the most critical thing; Inmotion is the trusted company.

#05 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is famous for speed. According to some SEO experts, A2 Hosting is the second fastest hosting in the world, A2 Hosting offers you high performance Dedicated Server which is designed according to your needs. A2 Hosting provides two different types of servers,  Unmanaged Flex Dedicated Server and  Managed Flex Dedicated Server.

Unmanaged Flex Dedicated Server is the best option for the developer or a system administrator, Who is comfortable in developing with the command line and second server Managed Flex Dedicated Server is for the average user here you get user-friendly cPanel control.
Why choose A2 Hosting dedicated server?
· A2 Hosting dedicated server comes with SSD storage.
· You have the root access. You can fully customize your server according to your needs.
· All the A2 Hosting dedicated server plans include free SSL.
· They offer up to 20X faster servers.
· They offer 24/7/365 support If you any problem with there server,  A2 Hosting support team will help you to solve this.

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I hope you get what you’re looking for If this article on Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2019 is helpful for you in any manner then share this with your friends, If you have any question then comment below.

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